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Vacations In Cairo, Egypt
By A. Mahallati
There are an almost limitless number of vacations in Cairo, Egypt, and it all depends on what a traveler is hoping to see and do while on their trip. For example, many vacations in Cairo, Egypt are only a starting point for a far greater exploration. Visitors can begin a tour of the Western Desert from Cairo, they can begin viewing some of the most historical sites along the Nile River from the city, or they can make Cairo the whole point of their trip.

Vacations in Cairo, Egypt also provide a wide range of accommodations choices as well. Visitors can stay in traditional hotels, in all inclusive resorts or even in private homes rented through a secure agency (usually referred to as vacation rentals). The city offers many different neighborhoods and it is best to choose an accommodation that is convenient to the destinations and attractions that a visitor

wants to see. Why is this? Cairo is the largest city in Egypt and among the largest cities on the entire continent. It is home to millions of citizens who live and work in the bustling metropolis. This means that a visit to Cairo will require a bit of planning and advance knowledge, or the helpful services of a local guide.

Because the city is one of the largest, and most famous in the world there are also many group and private tours for those enjoying vacations in Cairo, Egypt. Such tours can take visitors to some of the more well-known destinations in the city. This could include the Khan el Khalili marketplace, the botanical gardens, Egyptian Museum, and the pyramids just outside of the city at Giza, which is also the location of the Sphinx as well.

Additionally, the city is located along the Nile River and one of the most popular activities for those enjoying vacations in Cairo, Egypt are sunset or dinner cruises. Many people return home with enthusiastic tales about the fabulous meal and entertainment they enjoyed as they cruised up the historic and beautiful river. There is also a large amount of felucca and small sailboat activity on the river as well, with many tourists and travelers using the boats to view the city at night or travel from one area to another.

Of course vacations in Cairo, Egypt can also be the starting point for a larger tour of the country and many visitors leave the city and head to such areas as Siwa oasis or Luxor and Karnak to view more remarkable sites and scenery.
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