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Buying Egypt Property For Sale Is A Notion To Consider
By Dale Campbell
Until about a few years ago Egypt property in was not a concept that generated immediate attention for many different reasons. Egypt hadnít really established herself in the global real estate market due in part to lax governmental laws, an unfriendly infrastructure, inadequate building regulations, and difficult property taxes.

However, in recent times the scenario has changed. Though it cannot be said that this is a completely new Egypt being talked about and therefore any of the available Egypt property for sale in options can be picked, the situation has changed for the better. While there is not one factor that can be bestowed the credit for the improved property scenario, the governmentís efforts in this direction has certainly helped the situation.

Egypt can now boast of an elevated rank in the Global Real Estate Transparency Index, as conducted and released by Jones Lang LaSalle. The country earned 59th position in the transparency survey. It can be argued that this is not a very bright achievement, but for those who are even slightly apprised of Egyptís past property market situation can say what an achievement this is.

Another wing actively involved in illuminating the property in Egypt market is the Egyptian Tourist Authority. As per United Nations' World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), tourism statistics

have revealed a growth of 20% for 2007. West Side Village reports that Egypt will be the ninth most popular destination for holidays in 2009. The Egyptian Tourist Authority does not aim to stay content with just this increase in tourists. They want the number to increase to 16 million by 2014 because an increase in tourism brings many benefits to different sectors within the country, which includes the property market.

Egypt property in is extremely cheap to buy and a four hour flight from the UK efines the accessibility pattern. Hurgada for instance is a tempting offer; cheap property prices, no capital gains taxes, nominal registration fee, flourishing nightlife and more, together contribute towards the argument. Likewise El Gouna, Sharm el Sheikh and other areas on the Red Sea present serious offers in the property for sale Egypt category.

Buying property in Egypt allows foreign buyers to enjoy the same rights as Egyptian citizens, but it is suggested to tread with caution. The Egyptian property market has just started the course to advancement and cannot be treated on par with international standards. It is a young market with age old informal schemas still covering considerable portions. Trading with reputed developers is of increased pertinence and judging the track record of the developer, before getting into any legal contracts, is also of considerable relevance. However there is no dearth of respectable developers.

If the property you want to buy is an established property you will need to haggle. A saving of 10% can be achieved. Once the price is settled a contract will need to be agreed. If you are buying a new development or an off plan project the prices are determined in advance and there is little room for negation of the price. Before you commit to anything you must have your own lawyer who is not connected in any way with the sale.

If you need a mortgage for your Egyptian property, you may find it easier to obtain the loan from the UK, as the mortgage industry in Egypt is still in its infancy. Some Egyptian developers will provide loans in order to encourage you to buy from them. However, strings are often attached, which can include the loan being for a short period of time and being tied into the development should you wish to sell your property. Therefore when it comes to buying an Egypt property for sale, always seek good legal counsel.
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