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Egypt Holiday Offers More Than Just Pyramids
Egypt is well known for its pyramids, Pharaohs and temples from centuries ago. Here lies the Nile River which was used by Roman and Greek Travellers in around 400 BC making it the oldest travel destination on Earth. Nowadays we can explore these exquisite temples and pyramids featuring wonderful creations such as the magnificent Valley of the Kings painting.

The pyramids really are a sight to behold with many ancient attractions from the group at Giza and then the temples at Luxor. Egypt holidays offer a really memorable experience to all. The views are amazing from the desert landscapes to the jagged rough mountains that reach out the sea.

Other than what Egypt is famous for you will also find an assortment of luxury beach resorts including a floating

hotel. If you are interested in diving, Sharm El Sheikh offers excellent scuba diving facilities on the Red Sea. Many businesses offer the chance to obtain a full license to dive or you can just take in the beautiful sights at your leisure.

You can also find dolphin parks, great entertainment for all, swimming with dolphins. Take the trip to Mount Sinai the old fashioned way by camel. Once you get there the scenery is jaw dropping. There are many other ways to explore Egypt such as taking a jeep safari into the inner areas or cruises will take you along the Nile River. The hustle and bustle of Cairo is also worth the trip, busy traders offering everything you can think of on their stalls.

The only piece of advice to warn you about is sellers in Cairo, they will try the hard sell and often can be very pushy for a sale, and this can be an awkward situation but if you dont want something, stick to your guns. In general the Egyptian people are very friendly.

From London you can feel that all year round glorious sunshine in just five hours. Whether you enjoy culture and history, activities like diving, beach holiday or like to have the option of different things, an Egypt holiday will be able to cater for anyone. The amazing range of attractions, interesting history and friendly people will ensure a great holiday experience for everyone.
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