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Places To Explore On Your Holiday To Egypt
By Jessica Nielson
Holidays to Egypt are always exciting, but when you plan a tour of all the famous attractions, you will have a wonderful vacation. If you like to bargain, try visiting the Cairo bazaar called the Khan el Khalili. This bazaar has something for everyone including perfume, trinkets and spices. This is where you will find the Fishawi's teahouse as well. You can sit and watch the people coming and going. It is a fantastic place to visit and enjoy a relaxing day even if you are shopping around. Cairo is always a nice place to visit because of all the attractions to see.

You might even enjoy a visit to the Camel Market. This is happening at Birqash every morning. If you are looking for more adventure and less shopping, visit the six oases in Egypt. The Berber community is known as Kharga and has a variety of museums and temples. If you are looking for the camel rides and hot springs, you will enjoy the Dhakla oases. The smallest oasis is the Farafra where you can see the town as it was always seen

as, a fort town. Siwa is remote and Bahariyya is full of dates and olive gardens. Small temples and pyramids can be seen in Al-Faiyum.

Hot air balloon rides and boat trips down the Nile are another way to see Luxor. This adventure is exiting and always offers a beautiful view of the area, whether it is from the river or the air. The beaches are another reason to travel to Egypt. Alexandria has a beautiful beach and is always filled with people. If you are looking for beaches that are less crowed, you will enjoy Hannoville and Agami. If you want to do some scuba diving, visit the beach of Montazah. You should always check out the Red Sea for some incredible diving and beach fun.

The region of the Red Sea is where you will have time to play in the desert. Take the four-wheel drives out and visit the St Catherine Monastery and Mount Sinai. You could fore go the four-wheel drive and try a camel ride instead. If you like to walk, Aswan area is great for taking walks and seeing the sights that you might miss if you were using transportation. Then there is the golfing for everyone to enjoy. You might not think about golfing when visiting Egypt, but it is becoming more popular as more golf courses are springing up all over.

Holidays to Egypt are always exciting. There is so much to see and do. You could enjoy so many things and see the attractions that have made Egypt so popular and historical. Most of the hotels have schedules for church services nearby if you are interested in attending. This of course, is optional. Not everyone attends church when the visit except maybe to see the inside of some of the beautiful churches. You will have a great time even though this is an area of religious background. They do have fine dining and some area clubs.
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