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Scuba Diving In The Red Sea, Egypt
By A. Mahallati
People traveling to Egypt do not do so only to view the many fascinating historical sites stretching up and down the Nile River. They also come to take in the glories of the far Western Desert and its five large oases. Visitors also enjoy trekking and exploring through the Eastern Desert and the Sinai Peninsula as well. Currently, however one of the strongest reasons that people from around the world plan a visit is to enjoy the scuba diving in the Red Sea, Egypt.

Scuba diving in Egypt? Absolutely! In fact, the eastern coast of continental Egypt and the southernmost point of the Sinai Peninsula (which is a territory of Egypt) are frequently referred to as the “Red Sea Riviera”. This is for several reasons, but primarily due to the charming towns and villages that have grown to accommodate the enormous number of visitors who make a point of scuba diving in the Red Sea, Egypt.

The waters are famous for their remarkable

conditions and sea life. Travelers to any of the popular towns and resorts along the coastal areas can learn how to snorkel, scuba dive, kite sail, surf and many other activities in this excellent region.

Scuba diving in the Red Sea, Egypt has become so popular in fact that the government has deemed most of the area as a protected region. Because the bulk of the waters off of Egypt’s Red Sea coast are protected many visitors hoping to enjoy scuba diving in the Red Sea, Egypt will have to book passage with a diving company or private guide service. While this may sound like an annoyance, the reality is that divers frequently comment on the uncrowded conditions and the peaceful environment in which they experienced the diversity of wildlife and scenery beneath the waves.

The popularity of scuba diving in the Red Sea, Egypt has created an enormous range of accommodations from which visitors may choose. This includes many all inclusive resorts, with luxury amenities and diving certification courses. It also includes vacation rentals, which provide access to a private home or condominium in the town or nearby harbor. Finally, there are traditional hotels which deliver excellent service with Egypt’s traditional and famous hospitality.

Additionally, the large numbers of tourists who choose to enjoy their scuba diving in this area have also motivated some small fishing villages to develop into significantly larger towns. Some provide incredible shopping and dining, while others are known as excellent spots to enjoy international night life. Clearly, scuba diving in the Red Sea, Egypt is a great way to plan an excellent vacation.
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