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Cleopatra, Perfumes, Fragrances And Today's Modern Women All Smelling Beautiful
By Tim Gorman

People from all walks of life use perfumes, colognes an other products that emit a fragrance. The fragrance industry is a $10 billion dollar industry. Perfume is as much a fashion
accessory as a handbag or belt. Historically, the use of fragrances
was limited to a select group of people who could afford the luxury. Today, women have as many fragrances of perfumes as they do designer bags. The average woman has at least six difference fragrances adorning her dresser. Woman change their perfumes to fit a special occasion.

Perfume has a long history.. The first perfume is found as incense. Recorded history dates its use at around 4000 years ago.. The use of perfume and its great value is recorded in the Bible. In the New Testament, the three wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the infant Jesus. There is frequent verses that mention these fragrances.

Egyptians used oil scents as part of their religious ceremonies
These scents came from were gums and resin from trees. These
Scents used to create a pleasant smell in atmosphere while rituals

were performed.. A variety of plant extracts such as rose and
peppermint were soaked in oils. This combination resulted in
a perfumed unguent. The unguent was then rubbed into the skin.

An unguent is a substance used on the skin to soothe or heal wounds,
burns, rashes, scrapes, or other skin problems. Also called ointment. Today, we use unguents in high quality aromatherapy perfumed oils. To massage a blends of oils for immediate relief from acute conditions.

In Egypt a form of perfume was used to embalm the pharaohs.
The body of the pharaoh was first washed, Then the embalmed and dried body would be treated with perfumed oils. The last step was then to wrap the body in linen bandages.

Cleopatra, one of the most famous rulers of Egypt was well versed in the creation and use of perfumes. Cleopatra perfected the balms and scents that were available and used them l as part of pre love making preparations.

The story of Cleopatra and her use of the power of scent is brought to the present day through colossal sculptures, bronzes, paintings, ceramics, gems and perfumes name named in her honor. She had perfected the use of perfumes to conquer Julius Caesar and later Mark Anthony

Historian believe that Cleopatra created her own scents. It was written by historians that when Cleopatra sailed to Tarsus to meet with her partner Mark Anthony, she perfumed the sails of her barge and fragrant smoke wafted from incense burners aboard her ship to the people who lined the shores to view this arrival of this magnificent queen's arrival.

Perfumes are highly sought out products that appeal to a massive audience. The variety of scents and delivery system for perfumes is varied. There are balms, spray, splash on perfumes. This variety increases the desire for perfumes. Perfumed products that enhance the feel of skin and the smell of the body are highly valued in every culture.

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