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Advice For Women Travelling In Egypt
By E.D.M.
There are many misconceptions between westerners and egyptians,about the role of women. Quite a few westerners assume that all egyptian women must be veiled down trodden victims or burka clad religious fanatics. And many egyptians view western women as immoral and decadent.

Where do these misunderstandings come from,as most egyptians have little contact with westerners unless they live in the popular tourist areas in Cairo, Luxor, or the Red sea riviera.

In the west we are constantly bombarded with negative images on T.V and in newspapers,of the Islamic world, of which Egypt is a part. We see crazed mobs burning flags and burka clad women gliding along the streets.

And often egyptians only view of the west comes from T.V. stations like M.T.V. and Hollywood movies, were women, are always drinking,smoking, kissing, and are often scantily clad. So when these portrayals, are the only impressions the average egyptian male receives of western women. He may mistakenly assume that all western women are this way.

Because of these

cultural misunderstandings western women may find they receive a lot of unwanted attention in Egypt. So I have compiled a list of hints and tips to try to reduce the hassle you will undoubtedly get on the streets of Egypt.


1 Egyptian men have great respect for married women , so always wear a wedding ring,even if you are single.

2 If you need help or directions on the street always ask a woman. A man may misinterpret your question as a chat up line.

3 Do not be over friendly. Remember many men you will encounter in Egypt, are not used to chatting to women outside of their family. So they may mistake your innocent remarks as a flirtation.

4 On all public transport, always try to sit by a woman. On the Cairo metro, the first compartment is reserved for women only.

5 Wear sunglasses to avoid direct eye contact with members of the opposite sex.

6 Dress even more modestly in country areas. Look around. See what other women are wearing. And follow suit.

7 DO NOT EVER sunbathe topless anywhere in Egypt. It is illegal. Western swimwear is only acceptable in the Red sea resorts. ALWAYS dress modestly in Mosques and Churches. It is always a good idea to carry a shawl for use as a head covering, in your bag.

8 At the dinner table always sit next to a member of the same sex, unless your host or hostess suggests otherwise, likewise in cafes and restaurants.

After reading this article, you may be thinking why should I travel to Egypt, is it worth the hassle. In a word, YES. Egypt has some of the most amazing sights in the world. Often in Egypt, you will think you are in an arabian nights story,or have stepped back to the dawn of time, with the pharaohs in the pyramids. One thing is for sure. Love Egypt or loathe it, you will never ever forget it.
E.D. Mealing is an occasional contributor to the website A website about Taba and Taba heights on the red sea riviera, in Egypt. On this website, you will find lots of hints and tips about visas,airport, weather ect. Plus great days out to Cairo, Petra,and Jerusalem. E.D.M. also contributes to the insurance information website www.findukinsurance

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