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Travel Vaccination Advice For Egypt
By E.D.M.
The World Health. Organization (W.H.O.) recommends that all travellers who visit any area of Egypt, should be vaccinated against.








The consequences of these diseases can be life threatening, and outbreaks do occur in the Middle East area.

So you have decided to visit Egypt this year. And because you do not want you or your family to fall ill on holiday. You have decided to get your vaccinations. But you do not know where to start. You want to know
WHY, WHERE, WHEN , HOW, and HOW MUCH will it all cost.

WHY. Because if you do not have a vaccination, you or one of your family could fall ill or even die.

WHERE. There are two different places you can get your jabs. One is a private medical centre that specialise in travel vaccinations. these specialist centres are very expensive. and unless you need your vaccination urgently or immediately,they should be avoided. because there are less expensive alternatives. Here is a price list of some of the vaccinations. from my nearest local private travel clinic.

Cholera (Dukoral,

price for full course) 59.

Combined Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio 31.50.

Combined Hepatitis A + B 65.

Combined Hepatitis A + Typhoid 84.

Hepatitis A 48.50.

Hepatitis B 40.

Japanese Encephalitis 47.

Combined Junior Hepatitis A + B 47.

Junior Hepatitis B 25.75.

Meningitis ACWY 55.

Polio (inactivated) 25.

Rabies IM Route 47.

Tick Encephalitis 63.

Tick Encephalitis (Junior) 63.

Typhoid 27.50.

Yellow Fever 53.50.

Or you can book an appointment with your local G.P. Often he will delegate this task to a nurse.

Inform the doctor about the country that you wish to visit. The doctor then looks up what jabs you need, and then writes you out a prescription for the vaccinations you need.
Sometimes you will have to pick the medicine up yourself from the chemist, but some doctors will order them for you,and have them ready for you, when you arrive at the surgery. Then you just roll up your sleeve. Needle in. Hey presto, your done.
Afterwards my nurse gave me a small pocket booklet (which they recommend you keep with your passport) , which records what jabs you have had, the date you received them,and when you need your next jab or booster.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST, This all depends on your doctor. A friend of mine had all his travel jabs done for free.

I just had to pay the prescription charges. One charge for each vaccination, Although some vaccinations are combined.

WHEN. Give yourself plenty of time,four to six weeks at least,before your departure date. Do not leave it to the last minute to phone your doctor for an appointment. As your holiday jabs will be classed as none urgent.

Another fact to remember is that some smaller chemists may not stock every vaccination. And you will need to wait for all the prescriptions to arrive.

Once your chemist receives all of your vaccination shots. Collect them from the chemist. And don`t forget to ask if they need to be stored in a fridge until your appointment.Then book your appointment.
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