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The Camel Market In Giza - The New Highlight
By Jessica Nielson
Egypt, known for its vast desert, has another thing to offer aside from its majestic pyramids and museums - it is no other than the Camel Market which is found in Giza. The market is situated near the valley of Nile particularly in Burkash. This is the largest camel market in the country and has become the new popular tourist destination of the country. A lot of tourists come and visit the place every day especially those that seek for some one of a kind exotic experience. However, put in mind that when visiting the camel market; do not expect to find a well developed, urbanized place as this place is still underdeveloped. Tourist infrastructure is still low and roads made out of asphalt are still new in Burkash.

As I have mentioned, if you want to have exotic experience in Egypt, you have come to the right place. Camel market offers the best camel dish in the country. You have got to try it and taste it for yourself. And once you do,

I know the dish will not disappoint you and you would keep coming back for more. Furthermore, the good thing about this meat is that it is not as fatty as beef or mutton but then it contains a lot of protein. Perhaps, a lot more of protein than the basic amount we usually get from the accustomed meats that we are eating in our daily lives. That is why you do not have to worry about your fat in take and just enjoy the scrumptious dishes served right in front of you. Yet, if you are the type who does not entertain well the idea of food trip, you can still enjoy the place. There are a lot of things that you can buy here that is made from camel. You can purchase here a rough camel-wool blanket and take it home with you as a souvenir or switch from cow's milk to camel's milk if you wish. I know this may sound new to you but in fact, camel's milk is proven to be healthy and can ward of hepatitis and food allergies.

Moreover, if you fancy a camel or want to add up your number of camels and considering the fact that it is a camel market, you could as well buy a camel here. Camels are sold in the market from 1500 pounds (around 300 dollars) up to 9000 pounds (more or less 1,600 dollars). Just a reminder for new buyers, do not get surprised if camels are not weighed because scales are nowhere to be found here. The weight of a certain camel's meat is approximated only. That is why; you must at first know how to do bargaining and must practice compromising as the negotiation of the price could sometimes turn into a fight. Yet, do not be alarmed as security has claimed that criminal incidents are a rare occurrence in the area. So, keep it cool and enjoy the tough negotiation.
Article Source: - The Camel Market in Giza - The New Highlight

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