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Egyptian Pharaohs, The Queen And The Treasure Hunters
By Leon Steyn

If you are a robber and a thief you have many opportunities to earn a living. Mostly you have to settle for a cell phone, a few dollars and sometimes a brand new vehicle. But if you lived in Egypt around three thousand years ago and as late as 1950 your heart will take you to a dry stretch of land in Upper Egypt. The Valley of the Kings.

You would know that to the normal Egyptian it was a matter of importance that the body of the Pharaoh should rest in a place specially constructed for him. The resting place would be equipped against any need he might have. Gold and other treasures were placed close by. For a robber it was a matter of fining the entrance and walking away a rich man.

All efforts to secure the

tombs against robbers failed. We know that as soon as fifteen years after the death of Tutankhamen, his tomb was entered. Wealth beyond your wildest dreams would be there for the picking. As the robbers entered they would grasp at the gold, silver and other treasure. They would have more to carry than what they could before the sun would rise.

Then they would destroy the things they had no interest in to get to the rest. When they left, even the Pharaoh would sometimes be left, uncovered and humiliated by men incapable of understanding what they had destroyed , only capable of the act.

A few people, mainly priests would move the discovered bodies to other tombs in the hope of allowing them to rest. But the robberies continued until there was only one solution. To remove the mummies form the Valley of the Kings.

Here in the cliffs at Deir el Bahari, a tomb was cut to give the mummies an eternal rest. Without their gold the robbers had no interest in the mummies. A perfect solution, until by accident the location of the tomb was lost. Here thirteen mummies remained for three thousand years before they were discovered. During all this time only one Pharaoh remained at peace. The first time light would shine into his eyes was to be in 1922 when Carter found him.

Leon is a fiction writer and his passion for ancient cultures took him to Egypt and India. He is the creator of the Ozymandeus Challenge which can been seen at

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