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Egyptian Pharaohs - Romancing The Tombs
By Leon Steyn

There is just something about the atmosphere of Egypt that is hard to explain and hard to ignore. For a tourist it is a dry and very hot place to visit. No bars and liquor stores to visit and yet tourists do not mind. They all come to see the Pyramids and if they have more time they would head south towards the Aswan Dam. Here you will find a small plot that still shows tangible evidence of a 500 year period the world will never forget. Littered with tombs and burial places thousand of tourist will see and enter yearly.  


most of the galleries were plundered and damaged and others later turned into Christian cells and even a church, they will forever fascinate us. Here, glamour but somber processions must have ended as one after the other Pharaoh was laid to rest together with his Earthly belongings.

It must have been the ideal place for people seeking solitude and the spiritually haunted. After the robbers left, the Valley probably returned to its sacred self. As late as 900B.C. priestesses were still buried here.   

While history changed the face of the Valley, one Pharaoh rested undisturbed. When the early robbers left, they never returned. His gold mask, his gold coffin was safe for more than 3000 years. A heavy rainstorm or two might have helped to wash away traces to the entrance or the building of huts for workers immediately above it. No matter how much we see or know, the Valley of the Kings is a romantic place to visit.

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