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Egypt Cruise And Stay Guide - Part 1 - Cruising The Egyptian Nile
By Damian M Murphy

A cruise in Egypt will not be complete without a leisurely trip along the Nile River. The River Nile is considered as the longest river in the world. It stretches for more than 4,000 miles and it flows through nine countries: Zaire, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi, and Egypt. Of course, a visitor in Egypt need not go through all these countries. But much of Egypt can be seen and understood by traveling the waters of the Nile. The river cuts across the desert that later became the cradle of Egyptian civilization. The Nile River divides Egypt in two ways. First, the Nile divides the country into Upper Egypt (now called Southern Egypt) and Lower Egypt (now known as Northern Egypt). Second, the Nile divides the Egyptian land into Eastern Desert and Western Desert. This means that many facets of Egypt can be revealed by spending time on the Nile.

There will be no lack of ships that will take visitors to various tourism sites.

Some of famous tourism sites are the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Unfinished Obelisk. These tourism sites are symbols of the once powerful Egyptian empire. But to really gain insight about Egyptian culture, a tourist must focus on the river itself and the less advertised things and places that the cruise ship simply passes through. What the tourist needed is a good camera with zooming capabilities and a fast shutter action.

Why is a camera important for the trip? Various animals can be found while cruising along the Nile River. For thousands of years, the river has been teeming with life. According to local mythology, the gods have lives related to the Nile River. The sun-god Ra sails across the sky on a mystical boat. The goddess of maternity and childbirth, Tawaret, takes the shape of the hippopotamus. The god of strength and fortitude, Sobek, transforms into a crocodile. And there are indeed many crocodiles on the Nile. This means that it is always a good idea to heed the warnings of the captain of the ship. That is, not to lean too far out of the ship.

If the aquatic animals are too fast to be captured by the camera, a study of people in action would be an inspiring souvenir out of the Egyptian cruise. There are numerous farms that are nestled alongside the Nile River. The major products of these farms are rice and wheat. The farmers utilize boats to transport these products from one river bank towards the opposite one. The farmers compose just a fraction of the millions of people that traverse the river. Another fraction is composed of fishermen. Fishing is a major industry and most Egyptians who live by the Nile are believed to learn the skill of fishing.

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