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Ancient Quest Of Saqqarah - All Gods Of Egypt On Your Side
By GameMile
Ancient Quest of SaqqarahGame Club Cafe and Codeminion offer you to venture for the Ancient Quest of Saqqarah and save the world in this puzzle game featuring a whole collection of various puzzle types. Striking visuals and sounds together with challenging game play will keep everyone playing for hours.

Modern Egypt has been spoiled by crowds of tourists, but some ancient mysteries are still very well kept. And you are the only one to whom they will be revealed.

Once in a thousand years a mysterious eclipse appears over the land of Egypt and the path to the long forgotten underground oasis where stand the pyramids of the seven powerful gods of Egypt serving as a prison for the most sinister evil in the world. Three thousand years ago it was locked here by the seven gods, but their magic has weakened over the time, while Seth's power has grown. Now the ancient temples need to be restored, and only you are capable of commencing the deed by solving all the puzzles with the assistance of Khufu,

the magical monkey.

As I already mentioned, through the game you'll solve numerous puzzles. You start with the temple of Isis and Token swap puzzles. I must say that while the game contains a tutorial, it took me some time to figure out how to play these.

I'll tell you a secret - in the first temple you have to turn the black grid sections into white by making matches on corresponding nods and the cells will be colored once you turn white all the contouring lines.

Each of the temples contains 4 stages of puzzles, 6 levels each. In order to unlock the next etmple you have to play the first four levels of the preceding one. One you've unlocked a temple you can go there or stay where you are. And you can move among unlocked temples as you wish.

All the types of game play are certain variations of matching. Some of them are quite traditional, like chaining, and some completely unique, like the mentioned Token Swap. Once you unlock all the temples you can choose whatever you wish.

The game will provide you multiple powerups, some earned while you play by creating combos and great matches, and some just given in a certain sequence. For example, every five moves one of the tokens will be charged with explosive power. There is also a rechargeable possibility to shuffle tokens in the playfield. If there are no moves left, the field will be shuffled automatically.

Every several levels you will play a bonus hidden object mini-game (what about searching for ancient pictograms?). Those will increase the magical power of Khufu, your faithful assistant.

One of the most prominent advantages of the game is its 3D graphics with video intros and amazing sounds and voicing. They create a fantastic atmosphere surrounding you and make you feel all the awe and power of the ancient Gods. A large plus to your game experience.

So, if you enjoy puzzles - Ancient Quest of Saqqarah is a great variant to try.
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