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Egypt - A Lucrative Property Market
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People who want to invest in reality sector; Egypt is one of the suitable options for them. If property experts are to be believed, Egypt could offer one of the utmost overseas reality investment returns currently available globally.

Nowadays, Egypt is considered a more free market economy having en easy business route between Africa and Europe. Because of this, Egypt is considered a sought after place in both the business and property sector. A large part of Egypt's GDP is based on Middle Eastern commerce and banking which has led to a whole new group of rich workers and entrepreneurs. This is the reason the demand of property has been skyrocketed in Egypt.

The tourist industry of the country has been increased tremendously. Egypt is expecting 16 million visitors from around the world by 2014. There are a number

of reasons for increasing property value of Egypt in the world. It is believed that the property prices in Egypt will increase by 50 percent in next two years. Egyptian property is also popular for its highest returns worldwide because the international tourists reach 11 percent compared to 4 to 6 per cent in the UK.

Are you looking for a property in Egypt? There are a wide range of properties available that includes old properties, new builds, and off-plans. While purchasing off-plans (buildings not yet built, and the sale is based on the plans of the building) individuals find the opportunity to book the property at approximately 30 per cent below the market price. One of the reasons for off-plans building is to attract people who are not in hurry to take occupation, but want to invest in reality sector. Egypt is also a sought after location for shopping mall developers, as the total number of malls in the country is comparatively very low for a population of 72 million.

Due to low prices of properties and increasing number of international tourists, the property of Egypt has attracted overseas property investors too invest in the place. Buying property in Egypt is a very striking plan; it provides a whole host of advantages that include lots of sunshine, low cost flights, low cost of living, suitable atmosphere, low property prices, diving destination of the world, increasing tourism, government favorable to overseas buyers and sound investment potential. is one of the leading real estate agency in Egypt Property which is popular in all over Egypt. With an extensive selection of Property in Egypt you will find the best place exactly what you are looking for.

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