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Luxury Tours Of Egypt
By A. Mahallati
While many people see Egypt as the land of the pyramids and fascinating ancient history, in reality it is a widely diverse country with areas of varying landscape, terrain and activities. Anyone who investigates a trip to this wonderful land will find that there are many options for luxury tours of Egypt.

A visitor could enjoy one of the many luxury tours of Egypt that focus on the historical sites all along the Nile River. Such a journey would include opulent modes of transportation ranging from private felucca or dahabeeyah boats, all-terrain vehicles and cruise ships. It could also include access to scholars and specialists who deliver private lectures and tours at each of the many sites visited. Most luxury tours of Egypt also take in at least one opportunity for a guided tour of a market or souk.

Of course there is much more to see, and some luxury tours

of Egypt focus on the western desert. Here guides will take visitors to the five large oases, some containing vast numbers of olive and date trees, ancient oracles, fresh springs and many natural wonders. For example, visitors to the western desert, or Sahara, may be able to visit such amazing sites as the “White Desert” formed by eons of winds and weather that have sculpted the soft chalk stones into elaborate natural sculptures, or the equally impressive and unearthly “Black Desert” near Farafra Oasis.

Heading east, the wonderful diving all along Egypt’s “Red Sea Riviera” offers many options in luxury tours of Egypt as well. Guests can stay along the country’s eastern shore or head to the Sinai Peninsula where there are many luxury resorts scattered along it southern edges. While in this region a visitor could also enjoy one of the many tours of the Eastern Desert as well.

The Eastern Desert is home to some of the most historic sites from the biblical and religious past. The famed Mt. Sinai is here as well as the earliest monasteries in the entire world – including St. Catherine’s. There are also some amazing natural features, and many travelers on luxury tours of Egypt will take a trekking adventure into the wadis and canyons, with most spending time in the world famous Colored Canyon.

There are many options for those interested in luxury tours of Egypt, and the popularity of this remarkable land makes them more and more popular each year. In fact many people plan a tour of more than a single region during even a brief stay in Egypt.
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