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Private Tours Of Egypt
By A. Mahallati
Almost everyone has been part of a “group tour” at one time or another. While these can be perfectly enjoyable experiences, there really is nothing compared to the one on one attention provided by private guides or the excellent services of a private tour.

This is one of main reasons that private tours of Egypt are so popular. Travelers usually select a tour that offers exclusive access to historical or regional experts as well as many historical sites or locations that provide only limited access to visitors. Private tours of Egypt are generally focused around the historical locations, but there are also many options for visiting the Western Desert and oases as well as the underwater tours of the “Red Sea Riviera”.

A brief review of the most popular private tours of Egypt would reveal a great deal of interest around the Nile River locations. Here travelers will be able to view

over five thousand years of history as they ride, sail or walk along its shores. Many visitors on private tours of Egypt begin in Cairo, where they visit many famous locations including the Egyptian Museum, the Khan el Khalili (the ancient and famous market), the pyramids and Sphinx of Giza, and may even take in a dinner cruise. After this many head south to Luxor where they tour the Valley of the Kings, Deir el Bahri and the Temple at Karnak among many other famous sites.

During this time those enjoying private tours of Egypt will have knowledgeable guides providing information about each destination or attraction. Additionally, many of these private tours utilize private modes of transportation; eliminating the need to travel in crowded or uncomfortable conditions or following an abbreviated schedule to accommodate a larger group tour.

The other popular choices for private tours of Egypt include the guided tours of the Western Desert and five major oases. In fact, one the most enjoyable ways of visiting these locations is with a private guide because the geography of the area is quite difficult to navigate without previous knowledge.

Additionally, visitors can arrange private tours of Egypt when they are in the Red Sea Riviera region, along the country’s eastern shore. This area is home to some of the most popular and favorite scuba diving and snorkeling locations in the world. A majority of these underwater destinations are protected and it is only through privately arranged tours and guided dives that many visitors will get to enjoy the incredible scenery beneath the waves.
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