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Egypt is bursting with things to see and do: remarkable, mythical history, great food, vibrant culture and anexciting city life. Whether you want sun, sea and sand, or art, architecture and Arabic lessons there’s sure to be something here for you. Now all you need to think about is booking those flights and getting hold of your travel insurance.

Let’s not dwell on the boring practicalities of travel though, here’s a swift guide to a handful of Egypt’s many attractions.
Sharm El Sheikh: Sharm El Sheikh has earned a reputation as a great world chill-out resort. Aside from the in-your-face tourist traps, which are easily evaded, it boasts endless stretches of blissful beachscape, an enticing variety of high quality restaurants featuring some delectable mezze dishes and world class falafel and a surprisingly calm yet gently buzzing night life. In fact, it seems that Sharm El Sheikh is pretty

cool these days, in regard to everything except the weather.

Cairo: Several of the world’s most famous mosques are to be found within Cairo, resting alongside the vast and breathtaking remains of the polytheistic culture of the ancients, most famously the great pyramids in Giza and the Sphinx. Of course, the Ottoman Empire also had a somewhat hefty hand in developing the Egyptian capital as it stands today and it’s also important to bear in mind the city’s intellectual kudos: Cairo currently boasts a selection of the top universities in the world. So whether you choose to visit the Islamic Quarter or the Ancient Capital of Lower Egypt, Athribis, you’ll find that Egypt will effortlessly seduce you with its heady cocktail of fascinating historical sites, thrilling natural beauty and bustling street life.

Alexandria: Many of Alexandria’s main attractions, like many of the Egyptian cities, hark back to ancient days and the rule of the Pharaohs. Pharos, the legendary lighthouse and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was once thought to be a symbol of the centre of global culture and education. For many years it seemed that Alexandria was indeed the centre for intellectual progression within the ancient world, but its notability declined in later years, as Napoleon remarks that when he moored there he found only a simple fishing village. In the nineteenth century, however, Alexandria once again became the centre for Egyptian trade and during this period the city was captured and committed on paper in the famous words of writers such as E.M.Forster and Cavafy.

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