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A Journey To Giza
By Enid Glasgow

The pyramids at Giza in Egypt are without a doubt one of the most mysterious and recognizable structures in the world. The Great Pyramid (The largest of the three pyramids at Giza) is also the only remaining member of the Seven wonders of the ancient world. Much mystery shrouds the true history of these pyramids. This is mainly due to the fact that they were built at a time that predates modern recorded history.

Until recently, it was uniformly agreed that the pyramids were built as tombs to celebrate three significant pharaohs (Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure). However, a group of Egyptologists recently pointed out that they bear none of the common qualities found in tombs before or after their construction and therefor suggest they held a different purpose. After years of studying the region the group came to an astonishing correlation

of alignment and math that conclusively demonstrates the giza complex is a massive and deliberately constructed "time marker" pointing to a specific time in history that predates their construction by 10,500 years. In summary the complex is a miniature rendition of the Orion's Belt constellation with complex geometric alignments that prove their incredibly advanced knowledge of the solar system and mathematics.

Whatever their origins are, there is no denying the mysterious appeal of these beautiful landmarks and a trip see the last remaining wonder of the ancient world is well worth the effort. Giza is located just outside of Cairo on the West Bank of the Nile River. Whether you decide to tour the area as part of an organized tour group or do it on your own is up to you. Upon arrival in Cairo you will find self appointed guides and camel drivers waiting for you, however you must use caution as this is a volatile area especially for those visiting from western cultures. Avoid street vendors, bring your own water, and book decent lodging before you go.

While in the Giza area, be sure to see the amazing sound and light performance which gives you a glimpse back in time and helps you to imagine what it may have been like to live in that era. It is also worthwhile to see The Temple of Luxor as well as the The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo. A trip to Cairo and Giza will definitely give you a glimpse into a part of history that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

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