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Where Are The Best Locations To Travel In Egypt?
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The mention of Egypt conjures images of age old antiques which are most famous worldwide and which draw visitors to this country in droves. However, this country has amazingly much more in store for her visitors. History is undoubtedly the most outstanding aspect of tourism in Egypt. Visitors arriving here are keen to learn about this authentic and mysterious history.

The age old pyramids of Egypt top the list of the most famous historical features that the country possesses. The pyramids date back thousands of years and the intriguing story behind them elicits so much interest. Besides the pyramids, there are numerous temples and museums in which visitors are able to learn about the history of this amazing country. Some of the most famous historical destinations include Ambu Sibel, Aswa, Cairo which is home to the pyramids and sites of the Pharaoh historical sites, Giza and Lixor among others. Egypt is a major pilgrimage destination and pilgrims from all over the world flock here at specific times of the year.

Marasa Alam is the most outstanding tourist destination in Egypt It is located in the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea and receives up to 70, 000 tourists each year. Tourists to Marsa Alam are able to land here

directly through the areas international airport while accommodation is available in a variety of resorts and hotels.

Besides history, Egypt has also embraced modern tourism, albeit without overshadowing its rich ancient alluring history. There are a host of attractions that visitors have embraced besides the monuments and museums and this include sporting activities. Golf is particularly a major attraction in Egypt. Golf tours are held throughout the year for visitors to getaway from daily hustles through this relaxing sport.

At the same time both the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts have provided a great platform for tourism in Egypt. Egypt is known throughout the world for Nile cruises through the great River Nile that snakes its way from Lake Victoria in East Africa all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. Scuba Diving is yet another sport that attracts visitors to Egypt. The beaches are the most inviting feature of the Egyptian coast.

Egypt is naturally a desert area therefore, she provides the best destination for visitors throughout the year because the weather is always perfect for a getaway. The large desert has 5 oasis and tourists take trips through the desert in about 10 days.

The Mediterranean cuisine is very exciting too. The cuisine comprises of a variety of special delicacies from different parts of the world. These include Europe, Rome, Turkey, Greece among others. Visitors can also explore the variety of unique designs of carpets and jewellery as well as sample mini pyramids that are on sale to visitors around the tourist destinations.

Accommodation for visitors to Egypt is ample. The country has word class hotels. The hotels are located in major cities that include Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Menya and Safaga among others.

To aid in the expansion of tourism in Egypt, her Government is working towards the improvement of infrastructure. The international airports in Egypt largely contribute to the convenience of tourists landing directly in to the country.

There are plenty of tourism agents that will provide visitors with all the necessary information on destinations and accommodation as well as any other necessary information.
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