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International Book Fair In Cairo
By Michele De Capitani
In this wide range of possibilities, is there space for more ancient expression means, like press and books? If we consider the great number of successful book fairs that take place all around the world, the answer can only be yes.

One of the most important fairs in this field, second only to the Frankfurt fair, is the Cairo International Book Fair, which takes place every year in Egypt. If you love reading, and you want to discover Arab-language novelists, poets and essayists, both emerging and famous, you cannot miss this event, which was first held in 1969, and that with the passing of time has become one of the most important cultural events in the Middle East. To have an idea of the importance of the fair, you only need to consider the past editions’ results: around 3 millions visitors take part in it every year to satisfy their desire to read, and they can do that thanks to 40 millions books, which are displayed in the fair exhibitory spaces. Also the number of exhibitors (publishers

coming from 80 different countries, as well as various Arab cultural associations take part in the fair) has increased and reached 3000 units.

Exhibitors come from all over the world, and although the fair is focused on Arab-language works, this does not mean that no space is given to works written by authors coming from other countries and who write using other languages. The main purpose of the fair, as well as the aim of the GEBO (General Egyptian Book Organisation), an association that deals with the organisation of this and other book fairs in Egypt, is that of building a link between Arab and other cultures, providing publishers, readers and professionals with a space where they can exchange ideas and opinions. And it is for this reason that since its first edition the fair has chosen a different country as a guest of honour every year. Italy and Germany have already been invited in some of the past editions, while this year’s guest of honour will be Great Britain. Great Britain will play an important role in a number of activities during the fair. Some events, for example, like lectures and meetings with authors, will host about ten British writers.

The fair is not only a great books exhibition, but also an important cultural event, which includes interesting and diversified happenings (lectures, debates, poetry readings), which will make Egypt’s capital city the ideal meeting point for intellectuals, writers, artists and literature lovers.

If you have a passion for art and literature, nothing is better than a travel to Cairo during the International Book Fair. If you want to be sure to find a place where to sleep, book in advance a cheap hotel in Cairo.

Date: 21st January - 2nd February 2009
Location: Cairo, Egypt
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