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Why Is Genuine Egyptian Cotton More Expensive?
In the past people believed that thread count and a label saying cotton was all they needed to know when buying a good quality sheet. This is not strictly true.

Egyptian cotton is far superior to other cotton. Why ?

The long fiber or staple of Egyptian cotton means there is more continuous cotton fiber to use when creating threads or yarns. Egyptian cotton yarn is smaller in diameter but stronger than other cotton. Smaller yarns equal more threads per square inch, which creates a stronger cotton fabric that is extremely durable in comparison with other cotton.

The home cottons Company use 100% long staple Egyptian cotton which is grown on the Nile Delta. So called Egyptian cotton is produced in other countries but it does not have the same growing conditions and is not

hand picked. Mechanical harvesting can damage Egyptian cotton fibers.

Egyptian cotton can withstand years of washing. Admittedly Egyptian cotton sheets can feel a bit harder than other Cotton sheets when first purchased. However, donít be swayed by this, because as Egyptian cotton sheets are laundered they continue to become softer with every wash. In comparison other cotton sheets begin to break down and pill over a shorter time period and so become less soft. This is why Egyptian cotton sheets can last for many years.

Egyptian cotton is light and breathable, it allows air to flow, which means that whilst a person is sleeping their natural body heat can continue to be regulated in the bed. Other cottons and cotton blends have a tendency to trap air, which can result in an uncomfortable nights sleep. Some health care professionals say sleep problems are reaching epidemic proportions. However, even if you donít think you suffer from problems, the fact that we spend a third of our lives in bed itís worth the investment of genuine Egyptian cotton sheets.

Hopefully this article will go some way to educating and empowering customers to distinguish between inferior cotton products and Egyptian cotton products. Remember to always check the packaging and labeling to ensure you know what you are buying. Remember, genuine Egyptian cotton will have a higher price tag but this indicates its indisputable quality.
Chris Tyrrell writes for HomeCottons, specialist suppliers of Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen. Visit the website for more details.

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