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Do You Know The Saviour Of Egyptian Antiquities?
By Michael Selvon
Egyptian antiquities have been threatened for centuries. Since the pharaohs of Egypt placed priceless artifacts into buried tombs, people have been trying to steal them and make a profit. However, thanks to one man, Egypt has been trying to save its antiquities from looters. Genuine antique dealers only want to make legitimate sales, but crooked dealers exist everywhere. As long as they are around, Dr. Hawass will be there to step in.

This man goes by the name of Dr. Zahi Hawass. Dr. Hawass is currently the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and Director of Excavations at Giza, Saqqara and the Bahariya Oasis. In this position, Dr. Hawass is allowed to not only save the antiques of Egypt from looters, but also to perform special archaeological

digs throughout Egypt in order to find antique items from various hidden parts of the country. Dr. Hawass has written many books and has several honors to his name. Thanks to this man, the world of Egyptian antiques has reached the world over. He has worked on many documentaries and specials that showcase the buried world of Egypt's past.

Egyptian antiquities are becoming more of a hot commodity since Dr. Hawass has become a world known figure. Museums all over the world sport Egyptian classical antiquities for viewing and they usually have replicas for sale. Dr. Hawass is not only trying to ensure that illegal looters are put in jail for a long time, but also to make that those who sell copies of Egyptian antiques to give the country a slight percentage. This would help the country keep its priceless and world known artifacts in the best shape possible.

Dr. Hawass is a leader of Egyptian antiquities and their savior. He has made Egypt and her classical antiquities forefront on the world stage. However, people are still stealing them and looting from this antique gold laden country. If Dr. Hawass had his way, then people and museums all over the world would be forced to pay a price when it came to selling any of Egypt's antiques. The world of Egypt has become a wonderful place to visit, not only for its beauty, but its priceless possessions.
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