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Enjoying Taba Vacations
By A. Mahallati
Where Egypt meets Israel is the town of Taba, and it is where many visitors begin their exploration of the “Red Sea Riviera”. This is a region full of scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities within the protected waters of Egypt’s national parks. It is also the beginning of a long chain of wonderful resorts and hotels meant to house the many visitors who come to enjoy all that the area has to offer.

Taba vacations are a common event in the lives of many Egyptian and Israeli tourists. This is due to the location of the town being so convenient to residents of both countries as well as the hotels in Taba, some which even contain casinos.

Many Taba vacations are the result purely of an interest in the diving and snorkeling of the area, and while this region is not known for the vast coral gardens that are frequently seen farther south, the waters around

Taba are home to unusually large numbers of fish and marine life that even shallow water snorkelers will be able to see and to enjoy.

In addition to swimming, diving and snorkeling those enjoying Taba vacations can also enjoy glass bottom boat rides which provide uninhibited views of the coral reefs and marine life of the Gulf of Aqaba. Visitors interested in more active water sports can try windsurfing, fishing, and sailing in the sheltered waters as well.

Many people on Taba vacations also hire camels for rides on the beaches and in the nearby canyons, while the more daring hire ATV or “quads” in order to explore this remarkable region. All visitors are reminded that Taba is known for the high temperatures along the beaches and in the canyons, and are constantly encouraged to use caution during the hottest parts of the day.

Only a few short decades ago, the entire Sinai Peninsula was a controversial location, which Egypt and Israel continually fought over, but the early 1980s saw a peace agreement, and Taba was the final location from which the Israelis withdrew. This means the hotels and resorts in the town are also among the newest available, with most earning a three-star rating or higher from professional organizations and guest reviews.

Taba vacations are quickly becoming as popular as those in the far southern regions of the Sinai Peninsula and Red Sea Riviera, and the excellence of the accommodations and wide variety of activities will only continue to increase the number of visitors heading to this exciting town.
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