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Best Five Places To Stay On A Honeymoon In Egypt
By David R Hughes
Are you looking for a romantic and amazing place to have your honey moon? Well, how about the land of pharaohs? Yes, Egypt offers you a passionate as well as wondrous honey moon. If you think Egypt is only about history it is not true as this land holds much more than mere historical impacts which can make your honey moon a wonderful experiences. With some of the best and most romantic places to resides, Egypt can give you a perfect package to enjoy a great honeymoon. Here we have the top 5 places where you can have a wonderful honeymoon.

1. The Mena House Oberoi, Cairo.

Cairo, the heart of Egypt, is the most amazing place to be at in Egypt. Brimming with some of the wonders of the world, you will have a stunning honeymoon in Cairo seeing the Pyramids at Giza amongst other historical wonders.

The Mena House Oberoi is the perfect hotel for you in Cairo. Established in 1869, it is one of the most luxurious hotels in Egypt. It is perfect for honeymooners for its amazing luxurious offerings such a 24-hour room and butler service,

and bars.

2. The Nile Palace, Luxor

Located in southern Egypt, Luxor is brimming with some of amazing things for your honeymoon. Luxor is in fact built on the carcass of the primordial city of Thebes, and is full of legends and amazements. Nile Palace hotel is in its heart which is one of the finest places to stay for you honeymoon. Being in the close vicinity of river Nile, this hotel is perfect for money moon couples. It provides a perfect ambience of romance and loveliness which all honeymooners crave for. It offers luxury gym, pools and health club and everything you ought to have on your honeymoon.

3. Oberoi Philae Cruise on the Nile

Another amazing place to have your honeymoon in Egypt is Oberoi Philae Cruise. You can have a stunning honeymoon drifting on the Nile at cruiser Philae, which has 58 suites and is brimming with luxury. You will have private showers and bathrooms, balconies and sun loungers, all of which will make it the best place for you honeymoon trip.

4. Kasr Ibrim, Lake Nasser

If you wish to have a honeymoon on cruise you can also try the Kasr Ibrim. It is a wonderful cruise which drifts on Lake Nasser and gives you a stunning honeymoon experiences. You will find some wonders of history packed together with the luxury you seek on your romantic trip.

5. The Al Baben Shall, Siwa Oasis

In case you wish to have a lot of privacy and luxury on your honeymoon in Egypt, the place for you to head is the Al Baben. It is a great boutique hotel by the Siwa Oasis which is near to the Egyptian sand sea. Many travellers like to stop on this Oasis and discover the wonders Egypt holds.

In fact, your honeymoon here will endow pure Egyptian experience. The ambience is perfectly of this region with luxurious rooms having rustic feel, together with rooftop restaurant offering amazing traditional food.
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