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Egypt Holidays Trump Greeks For Ancient Culture
Egypt holidays can offer you culture and history like no other, and – as the last remaining Wonder of the World – the Pyramids are still well worth a visit.

The Ancient Greeks were a pretty bright bunch of people. Not only did they give the Western world mathematics, philosophy, politics and the Olympic Games, they also started the craze of going on Egypt holidays to visit the Pyramids.

The Parthenon may be impressive, but the Egyptians definitely have one over on the Greeks in the form of the Pyramids. 24 centuries ago, around 425 BC to be precise, the Greeks compiled their first list of Seven Wonders of the World.

The Pyramids are the only surviving relics of a list which also contained the Colossus of Rhodes and the Hanging Gardens

of Babylon, and are still as monumentally awe-inspiring now as they were when Socrates and Plato were idly discussing Seven Places to See Before You Die.

Today, there is a very good reason why everyone wants to go on Egypt holidays to “do the Pyramids” – the magnificent golden structures are among the peaks of human achievement.

If you plan your holiday just right, the Sound and Light Show at Giza makes the Pyramids look stunning in dazzling illumination under the African night sky.

Egypt holidays also represent some of the best bargain breaks you can find right now, as the allures of Egypt are generally cheaper than many countries within the eurozone. Your pound will literally go further in the markets of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, particularly if you haggle.

Cairo certainly offers some of the most amazing historical sites in the world, while Saqqara and Dahshur are wonders on their own quite apart from the Pyramids. Cairo’s oldest mosque, Ibn Tulun, offers some of the most stunning architecture and beautiful vistas of the city from its towering minaret.

It’s worth knowing that Egypt holidays do have other life experiences a little more unusual than their main tourist attractions. Spending a night in the Egyptian desert with a tour guide is one of the most amazing natural excursions you can experience.
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