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Cultural Explorations On Holiday To Egypt
By Claire Bryant
Ancient Inscriptions

In a dry riverbed in Egyptís eastern desert, carvings and inscriptions dating back to 4000 BC can be found. The site marks the only painted pyroglyph in the Eastern Desert, and the drawings of Egyptian reed boats found on the walls are some of the oldest to be discovered. Sights such as these are well worth visiting on a holiday to Egypt as they mark the first signs of writing.

The Legend of the Sphinx

The Great Sphinx of Giza is perhaps one of the most iconic depictions of ancient Egypt, and a holiday to Egypt would be incomplete without paying this wonder a visit. This famous statue of a reclining lion with a human head is the largest monolith in the world. It is also the oldest monument, and it is commonly thought to be the work of ancient civilisations dating back to the third millennium BC.

This statue is a grand sight to behold, with its majestic head facing due East, and a small temple positioned between its paws. Its development is something of a riddle to historians, with nothing more than theories as to how and when it came about. Most historians support the theory that it was

created by Pharaoh Kharfa in about 2500 BC, but there is little agreement as to who the face depicts.

A fantastic day out whilst on holiday in Egypt is a trip to the see the Sphinx, giving you a glimpse into a civilisation dating back nearly 5000 years.

Paying a Visit to the Pyramids

Alongside the Sphinx, Egypt is associated with tall pyramids silhouetted by a backdrop of a camel-spotted desert. There are over a hundred pyramids in Egypt. The earliest to be built is the Pyramid of Djoser, found in the archaeological remains in the Saqqora necropolis. This pyramid dates back to the 27th century BC, and was built for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser.

The most well known pyramids are situated on the outskirts of Cairo, in Giza. The largest of these pyramids is the Pyramid of Khufu, which is the only one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the world still in existence.

A holiday to Egypt will give you the opportunity to visit this incredible phenomenon, and serve as an eye opener to an ancient land.

Modern Mosques and Cities

Egyptís capital, Cairo, is a vibrant city offering a more modern experience while on holiday to Egypt. With the Cairo and Khedivial Opera Houses, the Cairo International Film Festival and a host of nightly activities in the city, you wonít be short of entertainment.

Situated in this buzzing city is the Mosque of Mohammed Ali, a modern mosque built in the early 19th century. It is a very impressive sight to behold as the great dome and towering minarets add an oriental twist to Cairoís skyline. Mohammed Ali destroyed the palaces of Mamluk, and built this grand mosque as a tribute to himself in its place. The mosque now houses Mohammed Aliís body.

The main dome is 52 metres in height, with circles of small lamps hung in its centre and dotted around the room, creating a spectacle of light inside. Cairo city centre and a visit to this more modern mosque will be the perfect addition to an exploration on the ancient civilisations while on holiday to Egypt.
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