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Exploring Sharm El Sheikh Vacations
By A. Mahallati
The remarkably popular tourist destination known as Sharm El Sheikh along the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt is among the most visited in the entire Arab world. Interestingly, it has really only been a truly tourist friendly spot since the 1980s. Following the signing of a peace agreement between Egypt and Israel the entire region has slowly evolved into a high quality tourist destination which is most often referred to as the “Red Sea Riviera”.

Since the early 1980s Sharm El Sheikh vacations have become one of the most preferred choices of Egyptians and international visitors alike. This is because of the wide variety of hotels and resorts that have “sprung up” since the peace agreement, and because of the availability of excellent scuba diving and snorkeling in the region’s surrounding waters.

Of course most Sharm El Sheikh vacations will not be strictly dedicated to time spent underwater because

the town is also a world class destination for shopping, desert adventures which include camel trekking, ATV or quad-riding and exploration as well as pilgrimages to Mount Sinai and the Monastery of St. Catherine in the nearby desert. Some guests will even make the trip for the unique food and social opportunities, including the chance to eat at some American fast food chains!

Some people also take Sharm El Sheikh vacations in order to enjoy the opportunity of meeting the remaining Bedouin tribes of the area, and spend time amongst these friendly people. Generally they will make their handicrafts available for purchase, and often invite guests to take tea or a meal with them.

Many Sharm El Sheikh vacations are all about the resorts, and the area provides a nice array of accommodations, including luxury resorts that cater to every possible need, or those especially designed for families which provide a number of activities and events meant to educate, entertain and relax their guests.

For those taking Sharm El Sheikh vacations in order to enjoy the many opportunities for scuba diving there are a wide variety of professional diving outfits that will provide equipment, boats and even guides when necessary. For the most part the majority of divers in the Sharm El Sheikh area will spend their time in the Ras Mohammed National Park. This is a strongly protected wildlife area, which forbids visitors from disturbing or collecting specimens or wildlife of any kind whatsoever. This ensures that many other visitors will want to plan Sharm El Sheikh vacations and diving excursions for years to come.
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