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Sharm El Sheikh: The Perfect Getaway
By Martin Shane Jones
If you are looking for a place where excitement awaits for you and your companion, consider going to the city of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt. Located in the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, it is now fast becoming a holiday haven for those who wish to enjoy the sun, the pristine blue sea, and numerous outdoor and indoor attractions offered. Travellers often find their troubles and worries melting away as soon as they experience the luxury of the place and the warm hospitality of the local people.

Evolving from a simple fishing village to a major tourist destination in the area, the city is also considered the administrative hub of the Southern Sinai province. It is also known as the City of Peace, being host to several international peace conferences in the past.

Getting to the city is fairly easy, with the Sharm el Sheikh International Airport serving numerous flights from other cities in the country as well as flights from Gatwick airport in London. Tourists also come in through chartered flights from other cities in Europe. There is also an excellent bus service to and from Cairo, as well as scheduled ferry service to nearby Aqaba and Hurghada. Additionally, there is also a passenger terminal for cruise ships that frequently stops in the city, as well as a marina for private sailboats

and yachts.

With abundance of pristine beaches and natural attractions, it is no wonder that tourism is the major industry in Sharm el Sheikh. Discriminating travellers would be pleased to know several international hotel chains like Hyatt Regency, Le Meridien, and Marriott have their own presence in the city. Numerous restaurants all over the city cater to tourists from varying countries from all over the world, offering exotic cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Local cuisines and European menus are also offered.

One of the biggest attractions of Sharm el Sheikh is scuba diving, with some of the best diving spots in the world located just a few miles from shore. From areas near the Gulf of Suez to the Straits of Tiran, corals and marine creatures abound to delight and awe even the most experienced diver. For a small rental fee for diving gear and your boat, you can encounter fishes of all shapes and sizes, ranging from tiny reef fishes to the real big ones that are found in the bluest part of the sea. Numerous boats with friendly crews are available all year round to take scuba divers to day trips as well as overnight adventures. Additionally, the city also has the Sharm el Sheikh Hyperbaric Medical Centre to provide medical assistance and support for diving related illnesses and incidents. Fishing enthusiasts are also not disappointed, as most of the local boat crews know just where to throw the line in to get a really big catch to brag about.

And when you and your companion wish to take a break from lounging all day at the city’s numerous beaches, you can also arrange for several day trips to surrounding attractions. These day trips are designed for rigorous individuals who won’t mind sweating it out for a few hours. One of the more popular inland destinations would be the St. Catherine's Monastery, which was established in the 4th century. The site is where the chapel stood, and is believed to be where the burning bush was located. What’s more inspiring is that the area is still an operating monastery up to the present. Afterwards, visitors can also take a hike up to Mount Sinai and enjoy the breathtaking views offered at the top. You can also take an excursion at the Coloured Canyon, where you can explore the gorges formed by centuries of water flowing through it.
Martin Shane Jones is a Travel Writer in the UK. Martin works for a Beach Holiday specialist in the UK who offer Egypt holidays, and like to consider themselves as the beach experts.

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