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Sharm El Sheikh Holidays Provide Excellent Value For Money
The hype of the moment in the holiday market is in the top non-eurozone destinations. The British pound is folding faster than Superman on laundry day, which means you wonít be getting too many euros for your hard-earned sterling.

One of the best places you can go right now to get value for your money is Egypt. Sharm El Sheikh holidays are flying off the shelves, and with good reason too. Apart from the considerably larger bulge your wallet will have by avoiding the eurozone, Sharm El Sheikh holidays offer everything you could ask from a summer holiday destination: sun, sea, sand and... culture.

If your idea of a holiday consists of lounging around on the reclining chairs by the pool and the most strenuous thing you have to do is decide which cocktail

youíre going to have next, then Sharm El Sheikh is perfect. The resort is tranquil and isolated enough for you to relax and not do much else; centred in the brutal, barren desert, Sharm El Sheikh has one of those beauties that staggers the mind.

Sharm El Sheikh holidays will provide more sun than you could possibly know what to do with. The area hasnít had a good downpour of rain for nearly eight years now, so sunshine is guaranteed.

Then there are the endless miles of beach. Sharm El Sheikh holidays are the most popular in the Arab world, but even with all the Middle Eastern tourism, there is more than enough to get lost in your own stretch of golden sand with no-one else around you.

The Red Sea waters of Sharm El Sheikh are famous for some of the greatest diving spots in the world. If you want to keep your activities above water however, then quad-biking across the sand dunes is an adrenalin junkyís wet dream.

For those with slightly more eclectic taste, you can see the authentic side of Egyptian racing by ditching the quad for the camel and taking the humped-back ride of your life. The South Sinai Camel Festival comes to Sharm El Sheikh every May, with 17 Egyptian tribes competing in Egyptís answer to the Grand National.

Whatever your taste, Sharm El Sheikh holidays have got it all and are fantastic value for your money right now.
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