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The Benefits Of Egyptian Cotton Clothing
By Victor Epand
Egyptian cotton is a luxury fabric that is created in Egypt. Although many manufacturers have tried to copy the richness of the material, it cannot be fully reproduced; true Egyptian cotton features an official trademark to confirm its authenticity. Some garments and products contain a mixture of this fabric and other materials to allow for lower costs. Although Egyptian cotton is expensive, it is well worth the money. It first gained its popularity in the bedroom, after bed covers and sheets made with the durable fabric reached store shelves. Now the material is making its way to clothing racks.

When shopping for clothes made with Egyptian cotton, it is helpful to know that the strength of the fabric is determined by thread count. For items such as clothing, a thread count of 200 and above is recommended. This number represents the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric, and

an elevated price tag usually accompanies a higher count, but it also represents better quality.

A great characteristic of Egyptian cotton in the clothing world is durability. Since it is thicker than all other cottons, it makes an ideal choice for garments. Offering the best of both worlds, Egyptian cotton is heavy in structure but feels light when worn as clothing, and its density makes it resistant to the dangers of regular wear and tear.

Egyptian cotton is very smooth to the touch, another appealing factor for garments. Although a new article of clothing made with this type of fabric may feel stiff at first, it will start to soften after a few washes. It is also very absorbent, soaking up a great deal of color during the dye process. For this reason, Egyptian cotton is much more likely to retain its original color than regular cotton over time. It is also resistant to lint and pilling, unlike less expensive types of cotton, and it emits a soft sheen when displayed under direct light.

This type of fabric does not require any special care, making it as practical as regular cotton. Unless specifically stated otherwise, Egyptian cotton can be placed in the washing machine, tumble-dried, and ironed on a low setting.

There are several manufacturing companies that specialize in garments and products made with Egyptian cotton. It is quickly becoming a preferred fabric for baby products, such as washcloths, towels and clothing, because of its softness and staying power. Egyptian cotton offers a luxurious, highly absorbent alternative to regular cotton.
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