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Sharm El Sheikh Holidays
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Sharm El Sheikh lies on the southern tip of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula to east of the Red Sea. Sharm El Sheikh holidays are very popular with divers in this area where the waters are packed with exotic marine life and a number of wrecked ships on the sea bed.

Sharm El Sheikh holidays will also inevitably appeal to sun-seekers, located as it is in a part of the world where the sun always shines during the day. Cheap flights from the UK can whisk you to Sharm El Sheikh in a flight of around six hours, and you’ll feel like you’re in a different world.

If diving

is not for you, then you can still take to the waters – but stay on the surface. Sailing and windsurfing are for the adventurous, pedaloes are for the fun-seekers, and glass-bottomed boats are a must for everyone who’s not actually going under the water, so that you, too, can experience the wonders below.

Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh can give you a taste of Egyptian culture, despite being hundreds of miles from the Pyramids, Cairo and the ancient tombs. At Sharm El Sheikh you can take a camel trek to a Bedouin village or visit Mount Sinai, where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments. Here a pre-dawn trek up the mountain can give you a stunning view of a middle-eastern sunrise.

The real attractions of Sharm El Sheikh holidays are undeniably the sun and the diving. However, don’t forget your chance to cool down in the Red Sea and you might even manage a round of golf. In addition there are good shopping facilities, traditional markets, and a number of casinos and dance-spots to keep the evenings and nights very lively. When shopping, you’ll be tempted by Egyptian cotton and perfume, and gold and silver jewellery, but don’t forget to haggle!
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