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Awesome Egyptian Tattoo Designs
By Adam Hefner
Ancient Egyptian culture has done much to contribute to the modern tattoo industry. Historically and socially, Egyptian tattoo designs have emerged as a category of art and as a visual artifact of Middle Eastern history.

The ancient Egyptians relied heavily on tattooing for body ornamentation and other religious and social reasons. The mummy of Amunet, a priestess, was discovered in Thebes and dates back thousands and thousands of years. This mummy shows one of the earliest know examples of this type of tattooing.

These ancient Egyptian tattoos consisted of elaborate dot and dash patterns often used for fertility rites or ceremonies. Thus, many of these tattoos were reserved for use only on females. And although tattooing was a regular ritual for the ancient Egyptians, such practices are not nearly as prevalent in modern Egyptian society where the Islam religion - which disregards tattooing - prevails.

Instead, the popularity the Egyptian

art and symbols has prevailed in many Western cultures, including the United States and other parts of North America. It is in these regions that the Egyptian motif has really begun to take off.

The many half-human/half-animal gods and goddesses of ancient Egyptian religion and lore lend themselves to be designed as intricately drawn tattoos. The other shapes and characters that have proliferated as popular requests include likenesses of Isis, Osiris, Bastet, Amun, and Amun Ra.

Hieroglyphics and many other ancient symbols are often incorporated into larger-scale tattoos as well. Sphinxes, scarabs, phoenixes, and cats are popular requests, as are objects taken from the ancient Egyptian magic amulets like modified crosses called ankhs, the eye of Horus, cobras, and birds.

Society's obsession with all things Egyptian continues to be driven by many forces. Museum exhibitions, mummy and tomb excavations, specials on the Discovery channel, and even Hollywood depictions of Egypt and the mystery that surrounds the land keep interest piqued in this culture. The mere images of the Pyramids and the great Sphinx elicit curiosity in people of all kinds. It is obvious why tattoos of this sort are popular as well.

Egyptian tattoo designs also give tattoo artists a real opportunity to showcase their artistry. From complicated color schemes to intricate design elements, Egyptian art is heralded for its detail and complexity. So for an ambitious inker and a dedicated wearer, tattoos Egyptian in nature are a logical choice. Any combination of images or symbols is acceptable, and the boundaries of such are constantly being tested. This is an art form that future tattoo seekers are sure to explore.
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